In our spot on the globe September means footy finals, spring racing, and vaguely improving, if wildly temperamental weather. It also marks when the lawns need more frequent mowing and attention as well as a chance to give the barbeque more love. I may begin a barbeque lobby group. I once read a book featuring a grumpy character who had a bumper sticker on his car.

The sticker said: Eat more beef, you bastards!

We took an Onkaparinga holiday and instead ventured to Belair. Until this happened I worried that it could be a stick-free hike.
I prefer my butterfly with soy sauce. Yes, they do taste like chicken.
After months with seemingly no beach one Sunday we could’ve hosted the World Beach Cricket tournament.
John Does’ Local Bar hosted (unbeknownst to them) Mystery Pub. It was the first MP to feature candles since the Lady Burra in July. I understand this worries many of you.
Dawn on a Saturday morning is, apparently, a real thing and we experienced it at Port Elliot. Might even do this again, one day.

So, Claire, who are you wearing? Answer to red carpet host: Beanie by husband.

After a long day of solitary relaxation and quiet introspection I rewarded myself with a $5 beer at Port Elliot’s Royal Family Hotel. It was the least I could do.

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