About me

Late afternoon beer, Exile on Main St playing.

Sport like cricket, most types of football, golf, squash, horse racing.

Travel, with Vancouver my favourite city, but there’s nowhere I’ve not happily been. Except Luton.

I especially love The Grand Canyon, Venice, Madrid, Koh Samui, the beer garden at The Goat in St Albans, just north of London, on a sunny Sunday, with a crisp pint of Stella, extra happy that Monday’s a holiday.

Reading. Writing about family, sport, music, the stuff that amuses me. I love the Footy Almanac. Conversation. Wit. Irony.

McLaren Vale cabernet sauvignon, Barossa shiraz, Coopers Sparkling Ale.

Jazz and especially Miles Davis. Lots and lots of music. Even Chad Morgan.

Australian Rules football, supporting the Adelaide Crows and the in 2019 brilliant Glenelg Tigers. A game of country footy. Other footy teams: Denver Broncos, Tottenham, Southampton, Seville, Kapunda, Kimba, Unley Jets, Singapore Sharks, Sydney Roosters. Is this enough?

I also own an English soccer club. Well, a friend bought me a farewell gift of four shares (yes, four!) in the North London-based Wealdstone Football Club, which plays only about six divisions below the Premier League!

My phone is 0406 779 033 and you can also reach me at


On twitter at @MichaelRandall5

On instagram at Michael.Randall.980


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