Goodbye to a faithful friend

In the end it was deceptively quick.

As should always happen in these situations, mercy prevailed. With no witness and limited ceremony I simply nodded briefly and acted swiftly.

Appropriately, it was in the grey light of Wednesday’s unremarkable dawn. A dawn that would be forgotten as soon as it was complete.

The symptoms revealed themselves late last week: feverish temperature; ungainly sweats, internal functioning becoming increasingly laboured. I wished that a simple solution were available. Experts were consulted and their chorus was clear and while sympathetic it was unanimous: a terminal prognosis.

Our relationship had endured for over a decade, and to my shame I admit that I took far more than I gave. I offered rare gratitude but demanded constantly. I heard no complaints.

Of course, I became grief-stricken when faced with the grim inevitability of the pending loss. As the sun struggled up in the east that morning my despair hurtled towards me. Why is it only when the final hour descends that we pause and show the kindness we’ve failed to display previously?

Yes, dear reader, my beer fridge was dead.

I turned off the power. The Southwark mugs that for long years had been kept crisply chilled in the freezer were now thawing in the feeble June sun.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to a faithful friend

  1. Oh dear. It’s a sad day that comes to us all, Michael. And after a seemly period of mourning, there’s only one way to recover and move on. Get a new one! You may find yourself suffering pangs of betrayal and guilt when you find that the replacement not only is way more attractive but also has some fancy, modern embellishments , is less demanding on your wallet and ready to partner with you for hopefully many years if treated right!
    Good luck my friend.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and reassuring sentiments! We have a new (second-hand) fridge. Good price and they delivered and took away the old one for a modest fee. It may face its first test this weekend.


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