Sea Snake!

sea snake

Alex and I each wrote a poem about our encounter with a sea snake in Thailand. We talked about the snake, and then wrote some notes on the plane trip home. Here they are!

Alex’s poem

black and white stripes

sliding through the coral like a very fast slug,

like fat string

we were excited

so dangerous it can bite off an elephant’s tusk

we told Mum and Max

we felt extreme

nobody can ever find it

that was the best thing ever!


Dad’s poem

Andaman Sea

limestone peaks like monuments

flotilla of speedboats

we’re on the surface

kicking languidly

peering down, together down.

snorkelling in the oceanic cool

above the coral

our bubbling sphere

like Bangkok motorbikes, tiger fish

whizz across our masks


patterned like a cavalcade

a sea snake whips over

the ragged seabed


with muscular purpose

it glides beyond our sight

once gone, we sit up on the azure

gasping, snorkels flapping


Did you see it Dad?

Sure did. What’d you think?

So cool.


ours is an indifferent world

but, sometimes,

on anonymous Fridays

it still permits moments such as this


intimate paintings

vivid watercolours


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