Halloween Mask


I’d asked them to write one, so I thought I’d better bang one out myself. It was just after Halloween, which means nothing to me, but the kids- including Alex and Max- love it. And it’s just harmless fun. Over-hyped, commodified, an example of cultural hegemony. But harmless fun. It seemed to help my English class too.

Here’s the poem, based upon no-one, and nothing I’ve ever done!

Halloween Mask

from downstairs

my brother yells at me

like an army captain

to hurry up, it’s time to go.


I take a breath


and gaze at the mirror.


ghastly white cheeks

eyes darkened like death

I ooze blood from monstrous wounds


a frightening face

but for those who’ll see me

it’s real; easily read

honest as rain


unlike the happy masks

I wear

for the rest of the year.



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