Playing Trouble with Max


Trouble is among my favourite board games. It’s simple, and loud, mostly because of the “Pop-O-Matic” die bubble. Recently I was home sick with mycoplasma, and Max and I played Trouble. I learnt some lovely things about him.




Playing Trouble with Max


every roll

of the dice

is a buzzing surprise,

is a celebration like a party,

is a triumph of your good character.


for Max the most thrilling moment

is not six,

but when you throw the same number,

matching perfectly, like DNA.


like rain, the game fades and

Max wants us to only pop the dice

he’s devouring what’s coming

grabbing this instant

his gift of sharing the precious.


Playing Trouble with Max




2 thoughts on “Playing Trouble with Max

  1. Loved the pome……reminded me of my amazement when my first girl played a hide and seek game with me before she could walk or talk. I was amazed, ecstatic, delighted, amused,
    enchanted and surprised in being a dad, whatever that might be and turn out to be. The best journey……still being travelled. All the best. Love your work. Kevmak

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  2. Thanks Kevin. I love the little and big insights I gain about the boys; well most of them! I reckon we learn more in a different, often social context too, like playing a game- Trouble, footy etc. One aspect of our school I love is being able to spy on Alex, and watch him without him knowing. It is a perk of the job!


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