snakes and ladders

snakes and ladders

she tackles my football daydream with

“stop and look back at what you nearly stepped on.”

thoughts on my team’s blossoming

and withering are benched

i pivot

crow black eyes    green trunk

carpet python resting

like a ruckman in the forward pocket.

behind the grand final scoreboard at

freeling oval in ‘74

desert boots    golden breed windcheater

boys zip and thrill    dropkicks spinning

my lyrebird footy flees under

a pine tree’s eager arms

the snake

shadowed and coiled within scoring distance

i scamper and

scoop the ball as

kingswoods and valiants strain at the railing

mutton-chopped and ankle-booted

kapunda bombers   seize the cup         (since poisoned)

victory delivered    the king brown (a collingwood 6-footer)

slithers under memory.

snakes are singular

signs of premiership fortune

reptilian omens

handballed by sporting gods

cold-blooded tipsters

my weekend torment is torniqueted

hibernation ceases

this september.


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