To Alex, in October 2008

Dearest Alex

Today is the anniversary of that wonderful day when Mummy and I were married in 2002. Since then there’s been much excitement in our lives! We moved to England to experience living in another country and learn more about Europe. Later in 2003 your cousin Lachlan was born and around Easter of the next year Mitchell arrived. Wow! We had a brilliant time in St Albans but both knew when it was time to come home. 2006 was busy as we bought a car, a house and started new jobs.

All of this was really terrific but we got amazing news on Daddy’s birthday in 2007. Do you know what it was? This was the magical day when we discovered that Mummy was pregnant! It was so fantastic that Daddy almost forgot it was his birthday! Can you believe this? We spent all of that day walking around grinning like monkeys at each other and everyone, even people in Rundle Mall who we did not know! Then on February 9th in 2008 we welcomed you into our world and are still astonished at how perfect you are.

You have grown every day these eight months. You’re strong and energetic and have a robust and playful spirit. I love your face lighting up when Roxy trots into the room, you giggling whenever we play music and you chuckling like a pirate when I blow bubbles on your belly. You make us laugh and cry and smile and stare at you in awe. You’ve inherited many of Mummy’s features- her determination, ready humour and utterly gorgeous gift for losing herself totally in the moment. These are some of the reasons that six years ago today, I married Mummy.

We are so lucky that your Mummy is the remarkable person she is. Since you’ve been born she has cared for you every day and for a lot of every night too! It has been tiring but we are deeply grateful that she is devoted to you. She’s a wonderful Mummy and continues to give you the best possible beginning.

Daddy has loved watching you become beautifully curious as you learn more about your world! One night when you were small we were on the lounge and you were sitting on my knee. And then it happened! For the first time ever, you smiled at me. It made me instantly cry and shudder and laugh all at once. I’ll never forget it.

On Sundays you and Mummy and I now go to the swimming pool. You are a water baby and have fun playing games while we sing songs. It is fantastic! Despite the pool swirling with splashing, squealing kids I love how in the water it is just you and me. Going through the foam tunnel together, you jumping in from the edge and learning to kick your legs are now my favourite moments in the week.

So it’s Mummy and Daddy’s sixth wedding anniversary and I wanted to tell you about why you’ve made it so special. I can remember the first one in England when we visited the Cotswolds and stayed in a famous village called Stow-on-the-Wold. Don’t you think that’s a funny name? We were on a holiday there and spent our days exploring the green hills and patchwork fields and walking in the bright sunshine. It was great but also a bit sad because our family was home in Australia. One morning we had champagne and sparkling ale! We laughed when the champagne frothed up and spilled over the dining table in front of people we didn’t know.

As we head into your second summer with its endless days of shimmering skies your Mummy and I are happier than ever because you’re with us! You’re amazing and beautiful. We love you.


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